The Magazine for Visual Artists, Quirky Crafters,Creative Writers and Bad Poets!

Join in the Fun - call for contributors

Want to be part of Art-2-Zee?!

It's easy to join in.

Art-2-Zee is an arts community magazine, so no matter if you're a visual artist, a writer, an illustrator, sculptor or producer of craft or bad poetry, we want to hear from you.

Creative writers are encouraged to submit short stories between 1000 and 1500 words.

Bad poets are asked to submit poems of up to 100 lines. More than one if you like.

Photographers, sculpturs, painters, in fact visual artists can send us jpeg images of their work.

Illustrators and cartoonists can submit their quirky/funny/weird observations on life the universe and everything.

In fact, as long as your work is not racially offensive, or sexually explicit (our kids do see what we do here) you are welcome to submit it for consideration. Simply email your submission to with the description "Art-2-Zee" in the subject line.

 BUT PLEASE, Please do not spam us or send marketing material. It will be deleted immediately.

You can also send items via good old fashioned "snail mail". Simply send a typed or clearly handwritten item and/or clear images/artwork to

Art 2 Zee. PO Box 172, Chiltern, Victoria, Australia, 3683

If you would like your items returned, please include a stamped, self-addresses envolope.

NB: All copyright remains with the artist/maker and you are welcome to submit and publish your work anywhere else that you may so desire or be accepted. We just ask the right to share your work with the world in print and digital (PDF file) form.

All accepted contributors will recive ONE FREE COPY of the Limited Edition Colour print magazine. Sorry, we'd like to pay you with real money, but we're all artists here. None of us have any. Although we could probably draw you something that looked like it, if you turn upside down and squinted a little....


Advertising Spaces Available


Art-2-Zee will be published both as a PDF file and a Limited Edition Print Magazine.

It is planned as an annual publication at this point, but may become bi-annual or quarterly depending on the interest we recieve from contributors and advertisors (we've had quite a bit already).

The printed version will be an  approximately  16-24 page full colour magazine in A4 format on Eco- friendly paper. (Maybe more... or les...depends on... well, just depends...)

If you would like to place a full colour (or B & W if that's what you've got) advertisment with us, prices are as follows:

One eighth of a page : $20AU

One Quarter Page: $35AU

One Half Page : $50AU

We would like to keep the "community" feel of the magazine, so Full Page Advertisments are not offered at this time.

Sorry but the back page is being reserved for artwork.

All advertising revenue will be used to offset the costs of printing and promoting the magazine, thus keeping the "cover price" as low as we possibly can.

If you have an arts/ craft or literary business and would like to advertise with us please email:  with the subject heading "advertising"