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WELCOME TO ART-2-Zee Your ABC of all things arty crafty and ecclectic!

Art 2 Zee began as an off-the-cuff comment made by a friend that was then posted onto the personal facebook page of Visual Artist, Illustrator and Gallerist Meaghan Louise. (You know Facebook, that place that you pop in to visit for a few moments, then you look up and it's 3am on Tuesday morning three weeks later).

 Before she knew it, she had emails, and new Facebook fans on her business page, lots of new facebook fans, willing to send her their art, their deepest darkest bad poetry, twisted fairy tales and the secrets of their soul.

Common curteousy (coupled with the desire to be popular and everyone's new "best friend" - we never said that we weren't as needy as the rest of you) told Meaghan that she just had to make this magazine that had begun as an off-hand comment.

The first edition of Art 2 Zee is scheduled for publication in November 2010. The limited edition print publication will be available from various small retail outlets, random bus stops and can also be ordered here on-line. The electronic version will be available from this site and perhaps a few other venues, if we so desire to do so.

This site will be updated every so often, so be sure to join up as a member. It won't cost you anything, except a few moments of your time. It's free. And we promise not to send you anything spammy.